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By John Bristow

In recent years there have been great progress in the miniaturisation and development of model rail control systems. These developments have added greatly to the realism of model railways with features such as realistic lighting sound and sometimes video.
However this innovation still relies heavily on the performance of moving electrical contacts, starting with the rail track itself and moving down the power train to wheels, power collectors etc.

The need for new class of track cleaner
Ready to run locos often have too much oil and grease around with exposed gears etc and this is easily deposited onto the rail. Furthermore each wheel in turn is independent and therefore the power collectors and track become the weakest links in the power train.

Effective maintenance of the rail track is a crucial factor in its operation especially to protect it from contaminants such as atmospheric dust, corrosion and wear.

Enter Track Magic! A special cleaning fluid for model rail track, electric contacts and wheels. Photo 1

Track Magic works by:

  • Setting up an invisible conducting film
  • Resisting rust, wear, & corrosion to reduce track maintenance.
  • Dispersing oily contaminants to create a clean, conducting surface for smooth running.

Track Magic will both cleans and protect the track for maximum response & reliability. It

  • Works on digital & analogue low power/ confined space situations.
  • Revives & protects old electric contacts & improves new ones.
  • Is safe on plastic, foam, acrylic and enamel paint.
  • Is ideal for Track cleaning vehicles

Using Track Magic

Removing dirt with Track Magic
Track Magic is great for removing everyday dirt, corrosion, oil and grease Photo 2. Little effort is required, just a light wipe with the soaked swab.

It is also very good at cleaning points Photo 3 wheels and power collectors on locomotives (copper or brass wiper contacts that transmit power from wheels and axles to motor, as well as other parts of the mechanism of excess oil, grease and dirt, without damage to plastic parts. Photo 4.

Track Magic is well suited to soaking the cleaning pads of track cleaning vehicles, Photo 5 where pads are hung from axles or the chassis and rubbed along the rail heads as the train moves Photo 6.

The Invisible conducting film -Superior protection

The Superior protection of the invisible conducting film has been demonstrated by immersing rail lengths in Track Magic and then in salt water for 2 weeks.

Photo 7 shows track magic treated rail parts without corrosion.

Photo 8 shows non-treated rail parts with visible corrosion

5 What Railway experts and modellers have said:

–        I was amazed how much dirt showed up on the applicator from this so called clean track.

–        The running was constant all day.

–        The lights shine steadily with no flicker. The model ran beautifully and we didn't touch the wheel cleaning again.

–        Great for removing everyday dirt, especially oxidation, oil and grease!

–        It is brilliant at cleaning and maintaining the electrical contact area

–        Areas of track with starting problems were cleaned with Track Magic– the result perfect starting and running.

–        Dirt that would have required an abrasive track cleaner came away with just one stroke. Result – perfect starting and running!

–        –Locos started 12 coach trains without slipping!

–        Congratulations on an excellent product!

–        It seems to repel the build-up of carbon deposits.

–        It evaporates quickly, not lingering on the rail surface.